The above picture as an illustration of arrows being split the wind. That's according to the designers! But why is shaped like a twisted rope and coiled-wrap? I do not know, however, this image is a sticker designs are quite nice.

If you are interested, then please simply download the file and do not have a lot to ask. Oops, grumpy too ya writer. Keep in mind that for EPSnya file can be opened with Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. If both programs are also still do not have, please open it by force using gancu or crowbar.

Well, if it is open then please be good, tampered, stroked, and while there's still a chance immediately brought to the pressman sticker and do not forget to pay the cost of printing and installation. If the results are not satisfactory, please removed again and find more cool sticker design. Yes, just like that why bother .. Maybe it was just the best advice that can be given at this time. Have fun!

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Waves stripe decal sticker

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