This decal design of the car is shaped like a dragon looks more attractive with a combination of some interest as a foot dragon. This sticker design has a character design is quite unique. In addition, this sticker design does not have to apply the shadows because they have structures or separate parts so that it can use multiple colors at once.

There is little argument from the designer that this design is perfect attached to an official car belonging to a wildlife park or a car belonging to the zoo. Not only that, the design stickers as in the picture above also can be attached to all types of vehicles such as private cars, taxis, car public transport, buses, trucks, motorcycles, trains, airplanes, submarines, and even toy cars children , Tribal dragon design, it can also be used as a window sticker car (car window decals) and stickers wall (wall stickers). Please download this design by paying the license first! Iya..iya..sudah understand the mercenary base.

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Tribal dragon car decal

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