Actually, what themes and meanings embodied in the design of a car sticker as in the picture above? Certainly not tribal, but rather "Car Decals Flame", a kind of flames licking. What licked? I do not know ... it is important that this design is more appropriate if in the category "Flames".

To apply a sticker on a car design, usually made equal or symmetrical between left side and right side of the car. Suppose we stand in front of a mirror, then we are the left side of the car and our shadows in the mirror is the right side of the car. But what if in the design there is a company logo or writing?

If the intent and purpose of that sticker decals are just for the modification is permitted using mirrors between left side and right side of the car even though there is writing in the design, so that the right side of the car this text will be seen upside down. Meanwhile, if the intent and purpose that the sticker is for the purposes of promoting a product or service brand or company is not required methods mirror on the right side of the car. But what if the purpose sticker is a media campaign and at the same modifications to the car? Please find your own answers!

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Minimalist design flame decal

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