The shadows of the design is an optional component, in this case is not always necessary to create sticker designs that look increasingly attractive. Thus, the shadow of the design with color is usually darker than the main design is not necessarily always there because it is not always necessary to make the sticker designs. Kok explanation muter-muter anyway?

Basically, to make the car look to make it look more cool sticker design with sporty, it is necessary to blend the color vinyl (material for making sticker decals) are appropriate and in accordance with the color of the car. However, we might also be able to try to just use one color or monochrome. If the monochrome display already look good, why should use more colors? Just make complicated!

Is this design can use multiple colors at once? It could be, try to be creative. If necessary, try also to change the paint color of your vehicle. Oops, the cost is more expensive ... why not replace the car and gentlemen, let me add extreme. Extreme ass? Extreme costs time ..

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Fire wings tribal decal

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