In general, sticker design that resembles a flame or often called with flame decals will have the red and yellow colors. But, on the design of flame decals like design over should not have red and yellow colors. The black color also can be the best choice. Why choose the color black? The designer said that his heart was troubled, after all, is common when flame decals have the red and yellow colors. Occasionally want to let black color or monochrome look better. Additionally, select the type of sticker material (vinyl) non-glossy (matte vinyl). But, how it plays? Whether the car will look better than ever? Try to imagine, if necessary try to prove it!

But what if you want the color of red and yellow, while the car also has a yellow color? Try to select older yellow color (darker) than the color of the car! It's up alone, just the designer does not want to change the color black to yellow. According to him, if you want yellow, make it yourself, attach yourself, and see the results for yourself. Well, so grumpy nih ... looks like it is being troubled.

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Artistic fire flame decal

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