Sticker design like in the picture above is a form of tribal. Basically, tribal has a different character according to the name of "Tribal decals" which means Sticker Tribe. But what is the actual rate? I do not know, it's the translation using Google Translate. Please find your own answers! Hadeh ..!

According to the designer, this design unlike other tribal design. Tribal is a mix between tribal form and flames. When viewed from a corner, this design has a tribal structure. However, when viewed as a whole then this design will look like flames. Now, therefore this design can be called the "tribal flames" because it resembles the shape of flames (fire) and also has a tribal elements.

Hopefully, the above statement can be accepted? If not, the designer can get angry and do not want to design again. Messed up again ..! The designer also hope that this work of art can be useful and much in demand. Therefore, please provide an assessment of this design. Quite 5 star alone, surely he will feel happy.

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Tribal flames decal sticker

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