Confused ya, would be given the title of what to design decal attached to the car like in this picture. It's really strange, the designer can draw and create sticker designs as good as this but do not know what the theme and name for this design.

Tell you what, judging from his posture, picture this design looks like a clump of grass weeds were buffeted by strong winds until fall and overlap. Well, if this is so why not be named "Car Sticker Grass Collapsing", or "Wind Blown Car Sticker which then collapses and Overlap"? Whoops, it seems less cool only if the title like that.

Whether the future will look cool if the sticker is affixed on the car? His name just a car sticker, it'd be cool if affixed to the car. Never attach this sticker on a shirt and pants, everyone would think that we are experiencing a mental illness. Therefore, make sure that the design of this sticker will only be attached to the body of the car, not in your body or in shirt and trousers.

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Sport cars stripes decal

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