There are differences between the actual signal that we see on the monitor counters with a heart rate signal design like in the picture above. Where is the difference? In the graph the actual signal, the indicator chart is definitely perpendicular to the horizontal line. While the design of the signal as in the above image looks slightly tilted to the right with a slope angle of about 45 degrees. Why made crooked? It is the art of making a work of art to produce works of art more artistic and artsy! Art fuck? Yes .., art slant ..

Please edit your own if you want the graph in an upright position. But, our designers seem to have tired of the continuous upright, slanting want to occasionally let a little more relaxed. Or if you like a more relaxed then be made more oblique or parallel to the horizontal line. Then, the signal fuck if so? Of course, the signal is more oblique. And it seems this design seems more suited if named Leaning Signal Design for Car Sticker. But, be careful not to catch slant!

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Signal waves decal sticker

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