Simple sticker designs sometimes also require a fairly broad field. This is caused by circular lines or a curved line and extends even lengthwise. Thus, car sticker will spend so much material (vinyl). Why should I create curved lines and a circular design? Please ask the swaying grass.

Although the floral design (swirly / flower) as in the picture above looks very pretty, it does not mean a floral design fit only for the women only, men are also quite a lot to love this design. Even people who are not men nor women are also very fond of this design.

Sticker decal with flower design, floral, or swirly this is not just for cars and buses, but also very suitable to be attached to all types of vehicles such as tricycles, bicycle, buggy / carriage and children's toy car. Yes, I hope the kids also love this design.

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Lengthwise flowers design

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