This document defines the scope of privacy and sensitivity of information which the User provides while registering at the Site and in the normal course of using the services, the programs and other opportunities of (hereinafter referred to as the Website or ARTISTIS-ARTWORK or Site). The user has the opportunity at any time at his/her own discretion to allow or prohibit the collection and use of his/her personal information.

By using this Site the User accepts the fact that ARTISTIS-ARTWORK is entitled to collect, use and disclose the User’s personal information in accordance with the rules and regulations of this Agreement.

ARTISTIS-ARTWORK is committed to protect the User’s personal information. As a part of this document there are rules under which the collection and use are carried out, as well as the reasons for disclosure of such information at the Site. These rules relate to any personal information collected at the Site and / or by the Site

1. Consent for information collection

When using the Site the collection of technical information about the User which is not related to his/her personal information may take place, such as: User’s IP address, site address from which the transition to the Site took place, time of visit, type of browser used by the User and his/her language version. Also the navigational information can be subject to collection and analysis – the addresses and the paths at the Site followed by the User, the information about the actions made at the Site, the transitions through internal links, etc.

Personal information about the User is collected only after prior permission for collection and use of specific information within these rules. While giving permission the User shall provide such information voluntarily.

"Personal information" includes:

The registered User may also specify in his/her profile more personal information such as address and phone number. The User in order to control how much of the information provided will be displayed publicly may refer to the "My Account" page. The User has the right at any time to refuse from providing personal information, but in this case some of the functions and services provided at the Site may be rendered with limitations and / or be unavailable for use, in part or in full.

2. Use of Personal Information

Collection and use of personal information by the User is carried out by the Site for the following purposes:

ARTISTIS-ARTWORK has the opportunity to send messages relevant to the transactions conducted by the User, billing reminders and issues of relevance to the confirmation of purchase.

We also offer the option to the User to subscribe to our newsletter (newsletters) to be sent in his/her name and email address. If the User wants to opt out of receiving these materials he/she can unsubscribe by following the instructions that are in each of our letters.

The messages relating to transactions carried out by the User are obligatory, they can not be abandoned. If the User does not wish to receive them he can delete his/her account.

Personal information collected by ARTISTIS-ARTWORK can be processed and stored elsewhere on the equipment owned by ARTISTIS-ARTWORK. By submitting the personal information to companies the User thereby authorizes its transfer outside of the country within the framework of such use.

3. Disclosure of personal information

Except as expressly set forth in the current rules, ARTISTIS-ARTWORK does not disclose, sell, give, lease or rent or transmit personal information to third parties.

The User's personal information may be communicated and disclosed to third parties if they exercise the provision of services on behalf of ARTISTIS-ARTWORK. These services may be represented in the form of money transfers, data storage, processing payments, etc. In such a case only the information which is required for the provision of services will be transferred and disclosed to any third party. This information will be stored and protected on the same principles on which the security of ARTISTIS-ARTWORK is carried out, and it can not be used for any other purposes.

The information about the Users may also be transferred and disclosed in the event of purchase, sale or merging of the company as one of the business assets. In such unlikely event ARTISTIS-ARTWORK will inform the Users in accordance with the order specified below.

ARTISTIS-ARTWORK reserves the right to disclose and transfer the User’s personal information in the cases where this disclosure meets the requirements of the law, and also if we believe that such disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and / or comply with legal process, regulations or orders of the court delivered to our Site.

4. Access to own personal information

Viewing and editing the information previously specified by the User at the site can be done in the section "My Account" or by addressing the help desk. We respond to inquiries concerning access within 45 days.

The User’s information is stored for as long as the User’s account is active, or until there remains a necessity to provide the services to the User. If the User wants to delete the account or requires from us to delete or never to use the User’s information necessary for rendering of the services the User should contact the customer support. The User’s information will be stored and used as long as it is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations, dispute resolution and implementation of our agreements.

5. Use of cookies and other technologies

For User registration and implementation of the work at the Site ARTISTIS-ARTWORK cookies are used. Cookies are small text files automatically stored at the User’s computer. These files include the information which can be claimed and used by the server that originally issued these files to the User. Thus, the cookies contain and transmit the information about the date and time of visits of the Site by the User, ID session, registration information, history of visits, etc.

The User has the option to allow or prohibit the use and acceptance of cookies at his/her computer. Blocking of cookies by the User can cause inability to register or use other interactive features of the Site, but this will not affect the User’s ability to use basic navigation within the Site.

Email information collected in order to send lightbox is not stored and shall not be used for any purpose and is shall not be disclosed to third parties.

6. Protecting the User’s personal information

ARTISTIS-ARTWORK exercises serious control over information security standards used in the activity of ARTISTIS-ARTWORK, including:

Since there is no any absolutely reliable method to protect information during its electronic storage, processing and transmission, ARTISTIS-ARTWORK does not guarantee its complete security, in spite of all efforts by the company. If the User’s account information and personal information is password protected the User is fully responsible for its safety and confidentiality.

7. Underage users

ARTISTIS-ARTWORK does not intend and will not collect, demand or request personal information of persons under the age of 18 without permission of their parents or guardians. If the User has not reached that age he/she should not enter the personal information and otherwise use the Site in general and in particular interactive area until the User receives the consent of parents or guardians.

8. References

At the pages of the Site there may be links to sites, services and services of third parties, subsidiaries and affiliates, who use and follow other rules and procedures to ensure confidentiality than those set out in this document. ARTISTIS-ARTWORK assumes no responsibility for the privacy practices of such resources.

9. Changes to the rules

ARTISTIS-ARTWORK reserves the possibility and the right to make changes to the rules of this Agreement. In the event of substantial changes to the rules of confidentiality in general and the policy of use of User’s personal information in particular ARTISTIS-ARTWORK undertakes to notify of this at the current page. The User is encouraged to refer to the text of the page each time the User visits the Site.

10. Contacts

If you have questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact the customer support.