Picture this design is really a very sporty design. Several lines associated with an acute angle at the edges so that is very similar to the wings of a dove. Ahh, that's normal! Well, do not believe? Look at the shape and color, this design resembles a white dove right? If not, so be it! The important thing this design resembles the wings of birds and very appropriate affixed on the car. Uh oh, this person really force the heck!

Design stripe decal as in the picture above is very flexible. If not flexible concrete that was his name, not the sticker! Why. That design is very suitable for various types of vehicles. Even armored vehicles, combat aircraft, bicycle, tricycles, carts / buggy that would be given this kind of sticker also be really. The important thing after the sticker has been installed, do not forget to pay the cost of manufacture!

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Minimalist wings stripe decal

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