How beautiful and fresh when we see the plant flowers in the yard. But what if the flowers grow and spread on a car. Wow, the car will certainly look more beautiful and attractive. However, the flowers are spread on the car did not have a fragrance smell fresh because it is actually just a sticker decals are made of vinyl.

So, how do flower sticker on the car will have a wonderful fragrance? Just take a bottle of perfume and spray perfume on the sticker, so stickers will have fragrant flowers are stunning. However, to do this sort of thing, the necessary observations are quite serious. Do not let someone pay attention to our actions so as not to be considered that we are suffering from insanity or less sane.

Therefore, wear a helmet and visor tightly shut, it is advisable to use a helmet that has a glass with a dark color. If it turns out there are aware of our actions, then we can guess what will happen next?

Never try to mimic this scene, because this act is already against the rules and deviate from the procedures for the installation of flower decal sticker on cars and other vehicles. Therefore, attach the sticker decals naturally without having to be such and such.

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Batik flower decal design

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