In the beginning, the art of graffiti is graffiti on the wall using the composition of color, line, shape, and volume to write words, symbols, or certain sentence. Sometimes a sentence or scribble of a work of graffiti art can only be understood by certain circles, for example, the symbol of a gang or group.

A tool that is commonly used spray paint cans. Before the spray is available, graffiti is generally made by using brush strokes paint or chalk. But, what if we want to apply the work of graffiti art into the design of the sticker on a car? Quite easily, make a cool graffiti design and manufacturing services provide to the car sticker. So just why bother ..

Often that graffiti art used as propaganda or protest against specific cases. For example, dissatisfaction with government, regulatory, and authority in public life. The author usually show the artwork on the walls or the walls of urban even though the activity is very risky. Well, if you want to launch a protest against the wife or husband? If so, draw graffiti on your favorite car? Ahh, basic loser ..

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Abstract scribble graffiti decal

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