This is a picture design "flame decals" which is made of plastic vinyl material with a layer of adhesive that is strong enough to have a resistance to water and sun exposure. Nevertheless, for the purposes of car modification, we can create their own sticker paper material. Why, really paper ..? Yes, in order to reduce the cost of materials purchased ...

Set just a few sheets of paper and a can of glue or other adhesives. Insert the paper into the printer, and then print the image to the paper sticker design. Next, cut the pattern printed on the paper with the help of tools such as scissors, paper cutters, chainsaws, lawn mowers and cutting blades bread.

Furthermore, sticker decal from the paper that you created earlier is ready to modify the vehicle, and change the look of the vehicle becomes more amazing. Use glue or other adhesive to attach the sticker decal on toy cars, toy boat, or a toy airplane. Never attach the homemade sticker on a real car if you do not want to be laughed at by the other car modifiers. Oh, how sad!

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Fire balls decal sticker

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